Embarrassed By Your Teeth?

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If you are embarrassed by the state of your teeth and the appearance of your smile, a cosmetic dentistry smile makeover from Michelsen Dental in Orange CA may be exactly what you need. Your smile is a part of you that you share with your family, friends, and co-workers every day. An attractive smile creates…

Your Famous Smile

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This message from Michelsen Dental in Orange CA looks at cosmetic dentistry, and what it can do for your smile. How do famous people keep brilliant white smiles that are always ready for the red carpet or a close-up? Do they avoid coffee? Not likely. Every tabloid is full of pictures of famous men and…

Super Smiles Have Strong Enamel

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Did you know that enamel is the hardest substance in the body? It’s true! It can last a lifetime, and so can your teeth. That’s why at Michelsen Dental in Orange CA we encourage all our patients to brush and floss twice a day. Here are some tips for keeping tooth enamel healthy. 1. Pick…

Dental Questions? Michelsen Dental Has Answers

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At Michelsen Dental in Orange CA, we strive for excellence in dentistry every day. Providing the best possible dental care goes beyond cleanings and exams. We like patients who ask a lot of questions, because that tells us they are taking a strong interest in their dental health. Frequently Asked Questions One of the questions…

Smile Transformations At Michelsen Dental

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This post is for people who aren’t comfortable with their smiles. Cosmetic Dentistry from Michelsen Dental in Orange CA may be just what they need! Common complaints we hear about include yellow, misaligned, or missing teeth, too much or too little gum tissue, or weakened teeth. Few of us have naturally beautiful smiles. Cosmetic dentistry…

You, Only Better

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Having a flawless smile is a personal benefit that you can’t put a pricetag on. Is your smile less than flawless? You’re not alone! But with cosmetic dentistry from Michelsen Dental in Orange CA, those flaws can be corrected. Before we continue, though, we must point out a misconception. A lot of people think that…

Why Is Dry Mouth Risky For Your Teeth?

Why Is Dry Mouth Dangerous For Orange Dental Patients?

In this blog post from Michelsen Dental in Orange CA we are going to talk about dry mouth, an unpleasant condition that can have a negative impact on your dental health. The medical term for dry mouth is xerostomia, which is pronounced zero-STOE-me-uh. It’s a common side effect of certain medications, and is also common…

Don’t Settle For An Unattractive Smile

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Don’t Settle For An Unattractive Smile In Orange!

No one likes to settle for less than the best, especially with something as important as your smile. At Michelsen Dental in Orange CA, we have the cosmetic dentistry solutions for your smile issues. Cosmetic dentistry refers to a group of procedures that, individually or collectively, create positive changes to your smile. One procedure, such…