Dental Bridges – Orange, CA

Flawlessly Filling the Space in Your Smile

a woman in Orange smiling with her new dental bridge

Missing just one of your pearly whites can lead to various complications in both your appearance and your oral health. If you have a gap in your smile that spans one to three teeth, you’ll likely struggle with certain everyday tasks like speaking, eating, and smiling. Fortunately, our team at Michelsen Dental can offer modern and natural-looking dental bridges in Orange! These prosthetics can fill in the gap left by your missing teeth, allowing you to enjoy a functional and beautiful smile again. Keep reading to learn more about this treatment or call us if you wish to schedule an appointment for dental bridges.

Why Choose Michelsen Dental for Dental Bridges?

  • Lifelike & Long-Lasting Dental Materials
  • Seamlessly Blends with the Rest of Your Smile
  • Highly Experienced Dentist & Dental Staff

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges use crowns for placement, providing a small row of teeth to fill in gaps in your smile. The crowns provide functionality and aesthetics for your smile and are bonded to your natural teeth to stabilize the pontics (artificial teeth). Bridges are usually made from porcelain and gold alloys. Some are removable, and some are permanent. The crowns are placed on existing healthy teeth, and the pontics fit into the gap above the gums where your teeth are missing.

Types of Dental Bridges

a patient smiling after receiving her dental bridges

During your initial visit with our team, we’ll thoroughly evaluate your oral health and understand your smile goals to see if a dental bridge will be optimal for you. Depending on what you need and your situation, we may recommend getting one of the following options:

Traditional Dental Bridge

a digital illustration of a traditional dental bridge

These dental bridges consist of dental crowns that will be anchored to the adjacent teeth on either side of the gap. Of course, your natural teeth will need to have a portion of them shaved down to make room to support the bridge. This option can typically help replace one to three missing pearly whites in a row.

Implant Bridge

a 3D illustration of an implant dental bridge

Instead of relying on nearby healthy teeth, we can anchor your dental bridge to titanium implants that we’ll embed into your jawbone. As long as you have healthy gums and sufficient bone density, you should be able to support the metal posts. Once they’ve bonded to your jawbone, you’ll likely enjoy your results for decades to a lifetime with proper care and regular dental visits.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

a man smiling with his new dental bridges

Using dental bridges to replace missing teeth, you can expect a wide variety of advantages for both your oral health and quality of life, including:

  • Natural-looking and -feeling results
  • Completely rebuild your smile
  • Convenient & cost-effective treatment
  • Preserves the position of your other teeth
  • Can last several years before needing replacements (or several decades for implant bridges)