How Dental Implants May Extend Your Life Expectancy

person with dental implants smiling

Are you missing one or more teeth? For many people, losing teeth can negatively affect how they view themselves. Along with the impacts, missing teeth may also jeopardize both your oral and overall health. So that you know why it’s important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible, here’s what you need to know about how dental implants may extend your life expectancy.

Why Dental Implants Are Special

There is a range of different options to replace missing teeth, such as dentures and bridges. Though these are tried and true methods for completing the look of your smile and gaining back some of your bite power, dental implants are the only permanent solution to missing teeth. This is because they are inserted directly into the jawbone and fuse with it through a process called osseointegration. This makes them as stable as your natural teeth and provides your jawbone with the stimulation it needs to prevent erosion or additional tooth loss.

Medical Conditions Associated with Missing Teeth

Numerous studies have been done concerning the connection between oral and overall health. Missing pearly whites make it more difficult to properly brush and floss, which allows bacteria to build up on your teeth and gums. This may eventually result in gum disease. If the infection gets bad enough and travels to other parts of the body, it can lead to several health issues, including:

  • Premature births or low birth weight in babies
  • Cardiovascular (heart) disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Heart attacks
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke

4 Benefits of Dental Implants

Along with preventing health issues like those listed above, dental implants allow you to complete your smile and feel more confident in how the rest of the world views you. There are also several other ways they can benefit patients, including:

  • A better diet – With dental implants, you can gain back at least 80% of your bite power. This means that you can eat most of your favorite foods without any issues.
  • A smile that lasts a lifetime – As long as you take good care of them, dental implants can last a lifetime. This includes brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist every six months for checkups and cleanings.
  • Added protection from gum disease – Since dental implants make it easy to properly brush and floss your teeth this provides an extra layer of protection from gum disease and the many oral and overall health issues that can be caused by it.
  • Improved quality of life – Unlike dentures, dental implants won’t slip in your mouth. This will allow you to eat, speak, and laugh with confidence.

Not only do dental implants make your smile look more appealing, but they also keep a range of health problems at bay. Contact your dentist to set up a consultation to see if dental implants are the right option to get your smile back on track!

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