Making The Cost Of Dental Treatment Palatable

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A healthy smile is priceless, and superior dental care is a worthwhile investment. At Michelsen Dental in Orange CA, we are committed to superior dentistry and to maintaining the dental health of each of our patients.

The cost for treatment and precision restorations can sometimes be prohibitive. Knowing what to expect price-wise when you go to the dentist can make your dental visit more palatable.

Obviously, the cost of some procedures such as crowns versus fillings are dependent upon unknown factors. X-rays can show the basic problem but sometimes the extent of the damage isn’t clear until we get in there. Our staff works to offer estimates based on best-case and worst-case scenarios.

Nailing down the cost is much easier once the overall treatment plan is established. Dr. Renu Michelsen performs an oral exam, reviews the patient’s dental history, and consults with the patient before creating an estimate. The price is influenced by the patient’s current condition, cosmetic goals, and long-term functionality.

Usually, the cost of treatments can be explained at the initial consultation. We encourage our patients to take some time to review the options before they elect  which elective procedures to pursue. We never pressure our patients to make a quick decision about something as vital as dental treatment.

Here at Michelsen Dental, we are enthusiastic about customized patient-focused care. Often the treatment plan will be extended over several visits to allow healing and adjustment in the mouth before doing more work.

At Michelsen Dental in Orange CA, services include general dentistry, and a full range of popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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