Filtered Water And Dental Health

Filtered Orange Water And Oral Health

A simple way to choose beverages that won’t harm your teeth is to keep it simple and make water your go-to drink. You might even take it a step further and drink bottled water, or filter it yourself at home. At Michelsen Dental in Orange CA, our dentist has a word of caution: filtered water can be bad for your dental health if it doesn’t contain fluoride.

If you choose bottled water and are wondering if any naturally occurring fluoride has been removed, you can check the label. If you prefer to filter your own tap water, look to see if the American Dental Association has given the filter its seal of approval. Water filters that carry the ADA seal don’t remove fluoride, so you can be sure it’s still there and benefitting your teeth.

Fluoride has the reputation of being just for young teeth, especially in kids whose teeth are just coming in. True, but it is great for adult teeth, too.

In addition to making sure it’s in the water you drink, you should be using toothpaste and mouth rinse that contains fluoride. Always check the label.

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